Casual consumption
Casual consumption is defined as anything that will not be monitored using the Bite Counter. This includes things like the casual drinking of a latte during the morning, the casual drinking of a soda throughout the afternoon, or the casual drinking of a glass of wine throughout the evening. For purposes of using the calculator, a typical amount of kilocalories of casual consumption per day should be estimated.

For example, if you tend to drink two 12-oz sodas throughout each day, a value of 300 should be entered. If you tend to drink two 5-oz glasses of wine throughout an evening, a value of 250 should be entered.

This value is intended as a typical daily average. It is not necessary that actual consumption precisely match this value every day.

The bites calculator is based upon the Mifflin - St Jeor formula for calculating daily calorie needs. Resting energy expenditure is calculated using age, gender, height and weight. Total daily kilocalories are then calculated using a multiplicative factor that accounts for exercise level.

Casual consumption that is not appropriate for bite counting is substracted. A kilocalorie-per-day difference is then subtracted to account for a weight goal. Finally, kilocalories per day is translated into bites according to a sliding scale that accounts for variance due to height.